Personal Fundraising Ideas

Are you wondering how you can increase your fundraising efforts? We have listed a few ideas shared over the years from our top fundraisers.

Going Social:  a quick post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + or your other social networks can make a huge difference in your total fund-raising efforts.

Create an email:  by contacting a few people in your address book, you could easily reach your fundraising goals

Create an Online Fundraising Site:  many websites allow individuals to create their own personal fundraiser. We have set up an online site with [Site can be found here]. However, if you would like to setup a Personal Fundraiser page through, you can find instructions here.

Throw a Party:  a themed party is one of the easiest ways to meet your fundraising goals. Get creative with your theme and a simple idea becomes the path to you encouraging your friends to donate towards your mammogram goal.

Create a Team:  by creating a team you’ll have more support to organize fundraising events or ask for corporate donations. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Think outside the Box:  yard sales, Putt-Putt tournaments and even home fashion shows have become successful fundraising events.